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Benefits Hypercamp and Goldcamp awnings

Unique benefits for Obelink Hypercamp and Goldcamp awnings. Bright and useful, obvious and beautiful.

  • Obelink Hypercamp and Goldcamp awnings with Unlimited opportunities.
  • Lightweight and fast to build up. Bright till in the smallest detail.
  • Ten Cate All Season with coated sheet, easy-to clean.
  • Provide with a connecting square whereby it fits also to an aerodynamic caravan.
  • Almost all models are included with permanent, sealable ventilation at the top.
  • You can almost seal on every awning model with SHS-Clips tot the caravan.
  • 40 % less dan other brands(no intermediary trade)
  • Provide with minimum one sidewall with ventilation window and transparant cover with zipper. It is possible to close the sidewall.
  • Only Obelink sells these awnings and gives you a guarantee of 2 years.
  • You can zip all walls and both front panels are possible to roll down.
  • Tents from Obelink Hypercamp and Goldcamp, are also suitable for the season from April till Oktober.
  • Available in size(depth) 240, 270(xl) and 350(xxl) cm.
  • During the installation of an annex, the side-wall of the awning becomes a dividing wall.
  • To every awning you can build an annex at the right sight. At some models it is possible to put to annex on both sights. Measure of annex: 215x140.
  • For all annexes the is a sleeping cabin for 2 persons available.
  • All annexes have a separate frame of steel with a ventilation window.
  • The most of the awning models are included covered zippers.
  • Winter tents are available in many different sizes. The Oxford and the Java are included a separate frame so it is not necessary to make it tight with screws to your caravan. At the side-wall there is an foam pillow for a perfect seal.
  • The Hypercamp canopies are also made of Ten Cate All Season sheet, so easy to clean. Luxury awning-canopies from Hypercamp with removable side-walls, fits all awnings.
  • Frames are available in steel 28mm or aluminium 28mm.