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Cotton canvas

Cotton canvas:

Cotton canvas is divided into three different types: lightweight, middleweight and heavyweight cotton.

Lightweight cotton weighs 130 to 180 grams per square meter (g / m²) The lightweight cotton fabric is ideal for itinerant campers who do not want to take too much weight.

Middleweight cotton weighs 180 to 220 g / m² and is used mainly in tents suitable for longer stay in one place.

Heavyweight cotton weighs 220 to 320 gm². Especially large tents, group tents and ridge tents are made of it. Cotton shrinks when wet, thus makes it waterproof when it rains. The cloth is impregnated to protect it from dirt and ultraviolet radiation.


Cotton benefits:
- Strong
- Breathable and moisture regulating


Cotton disadvantages:
- Dries slowly
- Sensitive to dirt and fungus


Cotton must be dry before the tent is stored. You can pack the tent damp, but not more than one or two days, can the tent stay packed. The tent should be unpacked and left to dry completely. The canvas can develop different fungal damage. Mildew expresses itself in small black spots that can not be removed. Cotton Cloth is often provided with an antifungal impregnation. The impregnation is every few years according to the manufacturer are repeated. Maintenance of fabric starts at set up. If it is improperly done, then the force on the canvas is incorrectly distributed. This can cause damage. Furthermore it is important to the canvas is clean and stains at the earliest possible stage be removed. Dust is best with a soft brush (with emphasis on soft) are swept away.


The lifetime depends on the circumstances at the camp. Air pollution, sunlight (ultraviolet), natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and household pollution (cooking stains, soda, wine, sunscreen) greatly reduce the life of a cotton tent. Heavyweight cotton is around 30 to 55 weeks of use, middleweight canvas 20 to 40 weeks and lightweight fabric 15 to 40 weeks.