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Extend the lifespan of your awning

Lifespan awning:


An awning is put on correct it is tightly stretched and is considerably longer than the tent. Not much attention is devoted to the installation. The new tent owners should observer some simple basic rules for good maintenance.


The tightening of an awning is very important. When you tighten an awning incorrectly, it develops wear and tear spots. In the folds of the fabric or windows dirt can accumulates allowing the material to breaks down.


Your awning can last a long time, but also looks nicer and you feel more comfortable in it. Therefore, it is advisable to pull some time into reading the instruction carefully.


The correct tension does not take much time once you done it a few times. It is important that the tension is systematically correct observed. It is a good idea to buy a Hercules tool (devise). With this tool, it makes adjusting the pole tensions go much easily.


It is also good to remember that the tent does not keep the correct tension. For this reason, the tension must be adjusted regularly, so that it is always optimal.


If want your awning to have a longer life span and want it to continually to look pretty, you should keep a few simple rules. Rinse the exterior surfaces with cold water and use it a soft brush. Remember that you do not use soap or other detergents, which are harmful to the impregnation.


On the inside of the tent you should once a week sweep sand and dust out, because dust and sand can sit in the seams of the awning material. Especially if you have a gas stove or kerosene stove for heating purposes, sweeping and ample ventilation is a must, because extra moisture during the heating occurs, together with the sand and dust may lead to the tent looking worn out.