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Mammoet Carrier 600 luggage van

In the August edition of the Dutch magazine ‘’Kampeer en Caravan Kampioen’’ (Camper and Caravan Champion) there was a test for luggage vans. Out off 11 luggage vans the Mammoet Carrier was the best. Down below the advertisement, unfortunately it is only in Dutch but we will translate it for you in short version.

Mammoet Carrier 600, a steady, solid and perfect luggage van. It comes from one of the biggest manufactories for luggage vans of Germany, the STEMA. The Weight is 158 kg, the carrying capacity is 985 liter, the material of the chassis is from zinc-coated steel and the sizes are 160x114x33cm.

Unfortunately we only sell luggage vans to our Dutch customers because of the rules and regulations from other countries.


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