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Nylon canvas

Nylon canvas:

The light weight and waterproof nylon is perfect for backpack campers. Usually the only tent set up at sunset and truncated at the first light. The nylon is treated with a film that protects it from the effects of UV rays, so you can enjoy your tent for many years. For beach holidays in hot countries is certainly not suitable nylon.

Nylon fabric is divided into different grades. Rip stop nylon is a stronger version than the ordinary woven nylon fabric and has a greater tear resistance. Nylon is fairly elastic. It stretches when wet and shrinks when it dries again. A tightly stretched nylon tent after a rain so can hang like a limp dishcloth. Especially cheap nylon tents have problems with it. In addition, nylon is not breathing. Good ventilation and a waterproof tent is therefore essential, and to have good ventilation to avoid condensation.

Nylon benefits:
- Light weight
- Dries quickly
- Not susceptible to mild
- strong


Nylon disadvantages:
- Not breathable (condensation)
- UV-sensitive
- elastic


Nylon canvas has virtually no maintenance. Be the tent dirty, you can clean it with lukewarm water and a cloth. It is also important to the tent to set up properly. If not, then the forces on the canvas incorrectly distributed. This can cause damage


The lifetime depends on the circumstances at the camp. Air pollution, sunlight (ultraviolet), natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and household pollution (cooking stains, soda, wine, sunscreen) greatly reduce the life of the canvas. The quality of the fabric makes out. The life of nylon fabric is approximately 8 to 25 weeks using