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Pitching instructions awning

Consider the following tips before you go on holiday

  • Convince yourself that all parts of the tent are present.
  • Never go on vacation without close supervision and building your tent.
  1. To ensure that the tent stays clean, it is useful to first spread the groundsheet.
  2. Lay the frame poles and parts in the right place for the caravan and make ready. This will keep you from endlessly searching for the right pole. With a new awning an instruction diagram is supplied, which you can see which pole belongs where.
  3. Make sure all the walls and front panel are not attached to the roof section. Check the rail of the caravan for sharp edges or burrs. Now the caravan and roof section can be attached. This is the easiest in pairs: It is best if one person pulls the tent tendon through the rail and one person make sure to feed the tent tendon through the rail.
  4. Make sure the left and right sides are on the levelled plain (at the same height); put the centre poles under the roof. Place the standing centre pole on an angle, the roof will stay standing. Now your hands are free, place the centre pole upright and caravan and bring the beam in tension, and the roof in the middle is tight to stand.
  5. Put one of the horizontal poles on the front centre pillar. Then click on the corner stand. Turn the corner stand at the correct height.
  6. Create one square by now angle girder between corner upright and caravan to affix tension. Repeat steps 5 through 7 on the other side of the centre stand. You have built the two middle section - together
  7. Zip in the front and side panels of the tent. Close all zippers.
  8. The tents can now be set up with the remaining tension ladders. Starting at the back of the tent. The part below the caravan rail straight down pull the tension ladder. Follow the contours of the caravan. Repeat the same procedure on the other side. Then the two front corner posts pull the tension ladder. Your tent should look like a nice rectangle.
  9. If your frame has the correct height (adjust), use the remaining tension ladders (see photo 9) and pegs. To avoid too much tension on the tent, start relieving the zippers. Criss- cross the tension cord underside of zipper.
  10. The awning in now standing regalia. With a little practice and two persons it should take about 40 minutes.