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Pitching instructions bungalow tent

Consider the following tips before you go on holiday.

  • Make sure that all parts of the tent are present..
  • Never go on vacation without a close supervision and building your tent.

The bungalow tent is complete built up in about 35 minutes by a trained person. Structure:

  • We recommend the tent with at least 2 people to set up. This simplifies the work considerably. Especially when you are placing the legs it is important that you are with 2 people.
  • Find a flat place in order to set up your tent. Remove sharp stones, roots etc. to prevent damage to the groundsheet. You can put one piece canvas of the floor to protect your groundsheet.
  • Spread the complete frame on the ground. Set the frame at half height (hip height) together. Don’t use the lower leg parts yet.
  • Roll the tent with 2 people from the frame. Note that the canvas is not inside / outside is turned, the tent entrance is on the right side and the fabric is not damaged.
  • Awning poles through the openings in the wall and cause the rods to confirm the awning.
  • Put the poles with 2 people at the places, first the corners.
  • Pull down the canvas, put the frame and tent at right angle to the corners
  • Tent zips closed around anchor. Try tension of the zipper to remove the attachment land crossed over each other tights.
  • Spread the innertent, put them in the corners, attach on the ground and hang up the frame.