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Pitching instructions dome and tunnel tents

Consider the following tips before you go on holiday.

  • Make sure that all parts of the tent are present.
  • Never go on vacation without close supervision and building your tent.


The spacious dome / tunnel tent by two trained individuals in approximately 20 minutes to build. Below instruction are applicable for most dome and tunnel tents. By a few smaller dome tents you have to first pitch the inner tent, then the outsider flysheet can be placed over it. Then do the tension.


  • We recommend the tent with at least 2 people to set up. This simplifies the work considerably. Especially with the spinning of the stick in the tunnels is necessary, otherwise there is likelihood that the stick is inserted through the canvas.
  • Find a flat place in order to set up your tent. Remove sharp stones, roots etc. to prevent damage to the groundsheet. You can use plastic sheet (one piece) to protect your groundsheet.
  • The pegs should be beaten need into the ground (± 40º) angle for extra strength.
  • Turn the outer tent open and spread it on a level surface from.
  • Put the sticks together and make sure each part well in the metal is inserted in the channel. Poles that are pushed into the channel will not to damage the tent.
  • Thread the poles through the channel. It is important to the bow sticks in pushing and especially to attract, because then slide the rod sections apart slots in the cloth.
  • Insert the ends of each stick over the metal pins to the ends of each channel are attached. Apply NOW gradually the tension poles and place them on the other side of the metal pins. During this process the tent automatically obtains the correct form. When called crosscut tunnel tents with side fastening pegs, other side of the tent and pull lock.
  • Choose the proper location, then the outer tent pegs to be put down. Insert first herring by the elastic to the 4 corners of the dome are stitched. Then insert the pegs by rubber bands to the sides of the tent are stitched. If the tent is set up properly, the other pegs are put in place.
  • Tie the guy lines attached to the points specially stitched to the tent are.
  • Save the tent (and) open and set the corners of the floor with fixed pegs.
  • Hang now outside the tent to tent down. There are on the inside of the tent where the special stitched eyelets front and rear brackets that fit inside the tent to be stitched.