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Pitching instructions pyramid tent

Consider the following tips before you go on holiday.

  • Make sure that all parts of the tent are present.
  • Never go on vacation without building your tent first.


  • We recommend to built up the tent with at least two people. This simplifies the work considerably.
  • Find a flat place in order to set up your tent. Remove sharp stones, roots etc. to prevent damage to the groundsheet. You can use plastic sheet (one piece) to protect the groundsheet.
  • Spread the tent on top of the ground sheet. At bottom of each corner, use a peg to tie down the tent. (Not the guy ropes).
  • Start with the poles at the rear of the tent and then do the front poles. Put the front upright in the ridge points.
  • Put the storm lines on the tent and tighten.
  • Tight the wings. Remember that the zippers are closed and use the tension lines in the line of the seams where possible.
  • Try to release the tension from the zipper by tighten the secure for the ground criss cross over each other.
  • For canopy use, stretch the canvas includes the poles and long ropes.
  • Hang up the inner tent. Start with the walls on the hooks, than hook on to the top on the central pole.