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Poly cotton canvas

Poly cotton canvas:

Because cotton / polyester generally slightly lighter in weight, yet strong, it is widely used for the larger arc pole tents like family domes and tunnels tents, awnings and trailer tents. The quality depends on the fabric. Coarsely woven cotton / polyester cheap tents leave some of ultimate tensile strength is undesirable.


Poly cotton benefits:
- Sustainability
- Good resistance to UV radiation


Poly cotton disadvantages:
- Dries slowly
- Relatively expensive


Mix fabrics consist of, one part polyester and one part cotton. The cotton cloth (fabric) should be dry before the tent is stored. You can pack the tent damp, but longer than a few days should the tent stay packed. Then it should be unpacked and left to dry completely. The canvas can develop different type of fungal damage. Once small black spots (mildew) develop it can not be removed. To maintenance the fabric set up the tent properly, if it is done incorrectly. This can cause damage. Furthermore it is important that canvas be clean and stains at the earliest possible stage be removed. Dust off with a soft brush (with emphasis on soft) and are swept away.


The lifetime depends on the circumstances at the camp. Air pollution, sunlight (ultraviolet), natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and household pollution (cooking stains, soda, wine, sunscreen) reduce the life of a tent. The properties of composite fabrics of cotton and polyester combination. The useful life reflects the proportions in which two materials are mixed.