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Polyester canvas

Polyester canvas:
Polyester is quite stiff and stretches and shrinks considerably less than cotton or nylon. A polyester tent at first looks quite wrinkled but the wrinkles disappear after some time. Polyester is more resistant to harmful UV rays than nylon or cotton. It can be coated polyester. Polyester is slightly heavier than nylon of comparable quality. When you tighten the tent, there will be much stress on the tent and seams. Because of the tension the needle holes will grow bigger. To prevent leakage it is better when the seams are been taped.



Polyester benefits:
- Easy to clean
- Dries quickly
- Not susceptible to mold
- Less sensitive to UV light than cotton or nylon


Polyester disadvantages:
- Not breathable (condensation)
- Stiff


Polyester has virtually no maintenance. Be the tent dirty you can clean it with lukewarm water and a cloth. It is also important to the tent to set up properly. If not, then the forces on the canvas incorrectly distributed. This can cause damage.


The lifetime depends on the circumstances at the camp. Air pollution, sunlight (ultraviolet), natural dirt (bird droppings, sand, salt water) and household pollution (cooking stains, soda, wine, sunscreen) greatly reduce the life of the canvas. Lightweight polyester fabric keeps it around 15 to 25 weeks. Heavier polyester fabric (expedition tents) holds approximately 20 to 35 weeks. The heavyweight canvas awnings that can be used even 90 until 200 weeks go.