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Stabilo Dome tent test winner KCK

Recently the magazine ANWB Camping and Caravan Champion (KCK), named The Hypercamp Stabilo test winner in the category tents below €50.00. Other participants in this study were: Jackpot Zuiderzee 2, Base Camp Cabo 2, Leen Bakker High Peak Camp 4, Argos Expedition Style and Bristol Canyon
Last year Hypercamp Venetia was the test winner!

Below a report of this test (source: KCK)

the Stabilo from Obelink is the winner off the KCK test. The tent is cheap, nice finish and is a fine against splashing rain.

Build up:
Stabilo is a dome tent with a vestibule, which is easy to set up. The ground sheet is sewn in into the tent. When pinned down, the tent sets up nicely. Stabilo has what is called the pin-tube system, using the fibreglass arch poles of the dome at the ends of metal pins slide. This provides an extra secure anchoring of the poles. The brackets you attach to the tent poles. The poles of the canopy have slots. The slots are slightly on the tight side. The tent is on top, with tabs you put down at the poles. Great is that the Stabilo (alone of all test models) equipped with sturdy pegs. You can at least rest assured that the tent in a wind will not easily come loose from the ground. Within ten minutes the tents is set up.

When entering the Stabilo you will find an advantage: having an additional groundsheet under the canopy section. This allows you many things outside the sleeping area to store them in bad weather to keep your tent dry. The tent is very light inside, thanks to the bright colours of the canvas. The three ventilation holes provide light in the tent. Loose stuff can be stored in the three storage bags. Stabilo looks somewhat narrow. With two adults is "well it is immediately filled, but the canopy compensates this shortage. The doors and mosquito netting roll up and down with a bat-rope system.

Three rounds permanently open ventilation blows are sloping, so you can vent during rain showers. You can hack into the middle with Velcro squeeze, so two small holes created. Because they sit opposite each other, you can ventilate properly and evenly, especially if you have the door opens. The tent has a mosquito door.

Material and finish:
The canvas is made of 100% polyester. The seams are taped and reinforcements are placed on the tension points. The sewing and stitching looks generally good. At the front, at the bottom of the canopy are two broad mudflat edges affixed. .

The sail of the tent and the vestibule is not waterproof. However, you have that extra ground sheet with you. Stabilo endured the rain on a platform gloriously hefty downpour of one hour. The inner tent, the tent zippers and everything was dry