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Tips for outside sport clothes, walking-sticks and Gore-tex

Functional outdoor-clothes.
Capable information for outdoor sport clothes, walking-sticks and Goretex.
If you co camp, you live outside. During an holiday people bicycle and walk a lot, you are most of the time active outside, good or bad wetter. Please always match your clothes with the wetter. Useful tips for outside clothes are:

  1. Match your clothes with the wetter.
  2. Use leight materials, it is easy to take with you.
  3. Use quick-drying clothes.
  4. Use clothes with more than one function like a trouser with zipper so you can make a short trousers of use a sweater with fleece lining where you can take off the fleece.
  5. Breathable waterproof clothing gives you more comfort.

A good clothes advice for outside sport is the well known "layer system".
First layer: thermal underwear, it removes your moisture of the skin. Your body stays warm and dry.
   * Obelink gives a discount of 10% at brands like Craft and Agu.
Second layer: Fleece sweater or jacket. Thermal fleece keeps your body warm and ist breathable.
Third layer: Watertight and breathable jacket.
   * Thermal fleece jacket Regatta Nova/Mercury for man and the fleece jacket Regatta voor woman: Normal 29,95, now 19,95.

We have also fleece sweaters and jackets from other brands and models. When the wetter is better you use less layers of clothes.

It is also possible to buy walking boots or sandels at Obelink. We have shoes from brands like: Nomad, Karedi, Tindra outdoors, Columbia, Fjallraven, Agu, Gelert, Regatta, Lafuma, Maier, Life Line etc.

Why a walking-stick?
Walking-sticks are perfect for a walk in the mountains or to walk with heavy backpacks. Because of the weight it is useful to use 2 walking-sticks. The sticks offers you during the walk assistent and stability. A benefit is that you walk straight. It raise your lung capacity.

Gore-tex watertight walking fun.
If you do not like wet feet, use Gore-tex shoes or clothes. It is watertight and at the same time breathable. Ideal to walk, climb or do other activities outside. Gore-tex is also known because of their functional coat or jacket. So if you want to have a dry body after an activity use Gore-tex articles.


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