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Tips to store your awning

There are many different manners to put your tent away and it could give you a lot of grey hair. We will tell you some tips to make it easier.

Before you will put your tent away be sure that the tent is very clean AND COMPLETELY DRY!

Store the frame and the canvas in a dry place. If you have stored the canvas humid, please, within 24 hours take it out and air it. When you store the canvas in the bag, it must be completely dry. This prevents water stains and mold.

Put the side-walls to the middle of the tent.

Store all dried parts and disarm completely all telescopic parts which reduces the formation of rust on the rods during storage. By packing, make sure the frame, pegs and curtain runners will not damage the canvas and the foil windows. Is advisable by packing, separate the curtain corridors.

Remove all ladder straps from the canvas and place them with the pins. Minimize the foil windows contact with flaps and zippers during storage. Place a soft cloth between the foil and flap windows and try not to roll up very tightly, that reduces the risk of so-called fold points in the foil windows. Repair any damage to your tent before storing it.

Fold the tent every time in cross direction so it fits in the tent bag.



Extra tips:

When assembly the awning try to directed in the opposite direction of the wind and weather climate, and protect your tent from dirt on moist surfaces with a canvas.

When you use the optional clips SHS and has determined the ideal position, it is advisable to make a small mark on the SHS cord in this position.

Do not hang wet towels or dishcloths on or over the awnings. The detergent could affect the water resistance of the canvas.

For the material, design and construction, the canopies and lightweight awnings are not suitable for long and intense loads. Canopies and lightweight awnings are not designed for seasonal use, but for camper trips. Make sure you buy the right product for the right purpose.