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Zippers / mold / leakage / windows

Zippers are exposed to high wind pressures and forces, poorly designed tent or pressure from people or objects from the tent. Frequently use zippers wear very sensitive.


  • Make sure to build your tent with the zippers closed.
  • Handle to the zippers care.
  • For the zippers run smoothly, they should occasionally be treated with silicone.
  • Check the zippers for use after use no guarantee on zippers.

Mold and stains:
Insufficient ventilation can create mold. It is important that you store your tent dry, so no mold or moisture stains can occur. If you must break up the tent gets wet, let it dry as soon as possible.


  • Store the tent at 100% dry.
  • If mold still occurs, use a soft brush or sponge in clean water. Use cleaning products for stubborn stains only that suitable for tents. Other chemicals may damage the waterproof layer of fabric. It is recommended the tent after a cleaning turn again to impregnate.

Cotton can in the beginning have dampness through the material and especially on the seams a little leak. After the yarn has been good wet and therefore is swollen by dampness the all leak stop. On a wet tent bright spots may be, it can not hurt. Nylon and Polyester is coated with a waterproofing layer making them water resistant and waterproof. Especially by the action of the ultra-violet (UV) rays of the sun over time the seal of the waterproofing layer and thus are affected.


  • To the waterproofing of your tent and keep its lifetime, the outer tent on the outside now and then with a water sealant to be injected.
  • Over time, nylon and polyester tents at the seams by water that can be treated with seam closer.

Window film:
Window film is a plastic material, thus it is inevitable that the canvas weave structures fuzzy shown in the film. There is plasticizer in tent windows, so sometimes a little dull.


  • You can increase the lifespan of tent estimate them occasionally with cold, clean water to take. NEVER use soap or chemicals!