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Sending and delivery

  • When you are ordering on our website you will have delivery of your order after we received your payment. When ordering on our site, each product shows you immediately the current status (in stock and estimated delivery time) for the product. Popular products deliverytime 3-5 working days.
  • This delivery is an indication and never as a deadline.
  • Virtually all our products come directly from our own stock.
  • Delivery will be shipped via DPD only after prepayment. This can be accomplished by bank transfer, pay pal or credit card (VISA and MasterCard).
  • A bank transfers may take additional days. Upon receipt of your payment, you will receive an e-mail message confirming payment. Then we can process your order and within 4-6 days via DPD you should receive it. You will also receive an email from us with your individual parcel tracking number.
  • If you're not home at the time of delivery, DPD will try the following day. If not successful they will leave a call card. This card will give you a telephone for you to call and arrange delivery. If you do not contact them, they will hold the package 3 additional days before sending it back to us.
  • We ship to 23 different countries. Other countries are not possible at the moment.

  • Overview extra deliverycosts foreign countries: (EU)
    Nederlands Deutsch English Kosten
    Nederland Niederlande TheNetherlands €0.-
    Denemarken Dänemark Denmark €4.95.-
    Zweden Schweden Sweden €14.95.-
    België Belgien Belgium €0.-
    Duitsland Deutschland Germany €0.-
    Estland Estland Estonia €30.-
    Finland Finnland Finland €30.-
    Frankrijk Frankreich France €6.95.-
    GrootBritannië Großbritannien GreatBrittain €4.95.-
    Hongarije Ungarn Hungary €30.-
    Ierland Irland Ireland €24.95.-
    Italië Italien Italy €16.95.-
    Letland Lettland Latvia €30.-
    Litouwen Litauen Lithuania €30.-
    Luxemburg Luxemburg Luxemburg €0.-
    Monaco Monaco Monaco €15.-
    Oostenrijk Österreich Austria €4.95.-
    Polen Polen Poland €30.-
    Portugal Portugal Portugal €21.95.-
    Slovenië Slovenien Slovenia €30.-
    Slowakije die Slowakei Slovakia €30.-
    Spanje Spanien Spain €16.95.-
    TjechischeRepubliek TschechischeRepublik CzechRepublic €30.-


    The online package tracking:
  • With the DPD package tracking code, you can track your order on the website of the www.dpd.com
  • You can find this code in the e-mail shipping confirmation.
  • If products are sent directly from the manufacturer there will be no package tracking code in the shipping confirmation. These shipments can not be monitored online.
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